Popular University Sports, Most Successful Teams

Education is one of the most basic necessities of human life. Without education, we can be rendered useless, and the knowledge of greater things may elude us. People have gone to great lengths for education, and have seen some major struggles related to it. University sports are a part of education. Students of most universities create a team, that’s just them who love sports and are joined with the team spirit itself. You can find rams review that will help you sort out the popular university sports from the others. Rams Review is a student’s run sports coverage organization that helps students choose the sports for support and participation they want.

News from University Sports

Here are some news from University sports:

  • Kelly McGrath, a sophomore year student of public health, conquers the Ironman Triathlon.

  • Saint Louis Basketball gets a Major Upgrade.

  • Volleyball drops match to SEMO in the first five-set matches.

Most Successful Universities in History of NCAA Tournament

Here is a list of the most successful universities in the history of the NCAA tournament. You can check out Rams Review if you wish to know more about these teams and what they are up to.


they have won 2092 tournaments. Their current winning percentage is 0.763%. they have won 8 NCAA Championships, and have appeared for 53 NCAA Tournaments overall. They have won 52 Conference Regular Season Titles. You can read more about them in Rams Review.


their al-times win count in 1731. Their all-time winning percentage is 0.691%. they have won 11 NCAA championships, and have appeared in a total of 44 NCAA Tournaments. You can get to know everything about them from Rams Review because they cover much about such amazing teams. They have won 30 Conference Regular Season Titles. They are considered one of the very best, with their closest competitor being Kentucky. You can read more about them in Rams Review.


their all-time win count is 2065. Their all-time winning percentage is 0.738%. they have won a total of 5 NCAA Championships and have appeared in 43 games until now. They are one of the best at University sports games. you can read more about them in Rams Review if you like.


their all-time wins include 1971 wins in total. Their percentage of win is 0.703%. they have won 4 NCAA championships, with 36 NCAA tournament appearances. They have won 22 Conference Regular Titles in total. You can read more about them in Rams Review.


they have won a total of 2070 games until now. They have won 3 NCAA Championships with a percentage of 0.720% in total. They have participated in 41 NCAA games until now, and have won 55 Conference Regular season titles. You can read more about them in Rams Review.

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Overview of VCU Rams

The VCU Rams are the Virginia Commonwealth University Of Richmond. The VCU has two most successful teams, being the men’s basketball and tennis team. The vcu has had success in the conference and the regional and national games. Ed McLaughlin is the sports director at VCU. The colors of this particular school are black and yellow. The VCU supports teams in 8 men’s and women’s sports events, including basketball, baseball, men’s tennis, and other sports. The VCU club team includes Lacrosse, Football, Rugby and Ice Hockey. The VCU is known for creating amazing teams and the VCU has made a place for itself in the history of university sports. You can know more from Rams Review.

Most Popular University Sports

Here is a list of the most popular University sports that you can find in the United States and all over the world:


Football ranks as the topmost university sports in the whole world. In many institutions all over the world, Football has made a place for itself. Being one of the most beloved sports game in the whole world, it has made a [place for itself in the university campuses as well.




Baseball is one of the most favorite sports games in the United States. With such craze for baseball, it’s only obvious that it is in the second place when it comes to University Sports.





Hockey is a beloved game all over the world, and ranks third in University sports games.






Basketball, is another hugely popular sports game in the world has the fourth position when it comes to University games.