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Bracketology Roundup



With the Atlantic 10 Tournament set to kick off tomorrow in Brooklyn, it’s time for a final roundup of where VCU stands in the current projected NCAA brackets.

Here’s the breakdown:

CBS Sports:
CBS has VCU on the fence, with Dayton and St. Bonaventure as locks to the make the tournament. Saint Joseph’s is listed as probably in.

USA Today Sports:
In their printed publication, USA Today Sports has VCU as probably in with one win in Brooklyn this week, and definitely punching their ticket to the tournament with two. In their latest online bracket however, VCU is listed in the first four out in favor of Wichita State and Monmouth.

The Rams moved down to a 10 seed, projected to take on Notre Dame in ESPN’s latest update.

Where will VCU end up? We’ll have to wait for selection Sunday to know for sure. Until then however, the Rams have control of their own destiny with plenty of great basketball left to play in Brooklyn.

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